Our Mission is to create a collaborative group focused on delivering integrated innovation that shifts paradigms

Our "WHY" is we want all of Mankind and the Planet to Thrive and Prosper

Phoenix Global Consortium

Phoenix Global Consortium was created by a small group innovators and future thinkers with tremendous connections with other entrepreneurs, inventors, future thinkers, theologians, sovereign nation leaders, and people who have a long history of creativity, iconoclastic approaches, and paradigm shifting.


Old structures are collapsing under the weight of obsolescence and structures built that were primarily driven by profit motives versus for the benefit of mankind and its ability to jointly thrive and prosper throughout the world.  Daily the news shows how fragile the entire infrastructure is ... from the Internet to Information Technolog (IT) to roads to dams to bridges... virtually all the infrastructure of the US, and developed nations, are in need of modernization in order to meet today's and future needs.  Many technologies cannot, and should not, be repaired.  Future capabilities are predicated on building new foundations, using state-of-the-art emerging technology that provides the ability to rapidly adapt to advanced requirements and unforeseen needs.

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Phoenix Global Consortium is committed to creating "Black Swan" implementations.  These events are characterized as unpredictable based on current directions that major corporations, and venture capitalist initiates, are funding and pursuing.  Our focus is not only to advance our individual inventions, but, to also integrate our individual innovations and concepts in order to create new innovation where the whole exceeds the sum of its parts.  In addition, through collaboration, and cooperation, we are able to address a broad range of issues and requirements for communities in order to provide the foundation for everyone to be able to thrive and prosper.


We feel that worldwide Peace is possible through collective prosperity.  By addressing all of the lower levels of Maslow's "triangle/hierarchy of needs", humanity will be able to ascend to higher dimensions of understanding and creative expression.

If you want to shift paradigms, then come join the Consortium.  It is time that the Phoenix of Innovation rise out of the ashes of a crumbling infrastructure, and stagnant ideas.