Phoenix Global


Collaboration, Cooperation, and Integration of Innovation and Ideas in Service to Humanity



Phoenix Global was formed in order to create a Consortium of inventors, entrepreneurs, future thinkers, theologians, and strategists who want to work together in order to create solutions to today's issues; and, tomorrow's aspirations and possibilities.  We feel that through collaboration and cooperation we can create technologies, services and products that are designed to allow people, and the planet, to prosper while experiencing the ability to exercise the agency of free-will, unfettered.

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See the technologies we are collaborating on and our unique worldwide reach through treaty relationships and organizations who are already engaged in projects at the family and community level.  We feel it is powerful to create solutions that preserve cultural integrity, which is best achieved by working form the bottom up, as opposed to, the traditions top down mandates.  Join us if you have inventions, or concepts, for integrated services and communities of the future.  We are exploring creating modernized villages like we have experienced in Old Europe and around the globe.  Through cooperation and integration of our inventions we can make an evolutionary jump for Humanity and its ability to achieve greatness.


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Contact us to see what we can do together to make great contributions in creating Heaven on Earth.  We all have a piece of the puzzle for solving what seems like intractable problems and a rapid implementation of beautiful communities of tomorrow starting with the foundation we can build today with what we have invented; but, not yet implemented.